Style and design of essays

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Style and design of essays

First of all, let us note that homework doer reviews are usually composed in the formal style of speech. Consequently, it is not appropriate to use colloquial phrases and popular abbreviations like don't, you're, I'm, can't, etc. in the text. Also, the formal style does not imply a strong expression of emotion, so question and exclamation marks are used here to a minimum. The same applies to rhetorical questions, which examiners may consider as an unnecessary construction used to "stretch" the topic.

Generally, writing an essay in English implies a priori high requirements for the wording of thoughts. And this concerns all points: from the content of the statement to the correct grammar and punctuation. Therefore, try to find the golden mean between simple constructions, in the construction of which you can't go wrong, and extended sentences, which give the essay colorfulness and expressiveness. In addition, the rules of essay writing recommend adhering to the following principles:

Conciseness and supporting your words with arguments, quotes;
Minimum repetition of speech constructions and stylistic devices;
Replacement of categorically with softened formulations (instead of "I do not agree" - "it seems to me", "I think");
Maximum correctness of statements, tolerance (in particular, use neutral person instead of man).

By the way, if you want to enrich your essay with an exact quote, don't forget to indicate its author and the date of publication next to it in parentheses.

So, in theory, we have thoroughly dealt with how to learn how to write an English essay for the exam. Now we suggest moving on to the next part, and borrowing tricks from English essay writing practice.

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First of all, you need to

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