Institutional Pricing





Institutional IP-Based and Multi-User Licensing

Institutional subscriptions for InteractionsGuide are available for a set number of seats (simultaneous users) using IP-based authentication. Please complete the linked Multi-User Subscription Inquiry Form to facilitate our response to your inquiry. Institutional subscriptions are available for multi-site licenses via a set number of subscribed seats or using IP-based authentication.

Medical librarians, pharmacy system managers and other qualified institutional customers are invited to request a ninety-day review subscription to allow your team to explore and assess InteractionsGuide™. We support your mission of providing scientifically-grounded and clinically-relevant reference tools and feel confident that our resource will be a valued asset in your system's knowledge base.

Multiple individual subscriptions under as single customer account will soon be available. At that time, such multi-user licensing arrangements can be completed online using a credit card.

Orders for IP-based or multi-user licensing using a purchase order are handled on a customized basis.

IP-Block Licenses

Use the IP and Multi-User Subscription Inquiry Form to initiate an inquiry and provide us with the necessary information to work with you on needs assessment and pricing.