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Herb-Drug Interactions

Drug Interactions with Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Nutraceuticals

Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions

InteractionsGuide™ is an innovative web-based application delivering access to the content of the landmark publication Herb, Nutrient and Drug Interactions: Clinical Implications and Therapeutic Strategies through a powerful suite of access, search and analysis functions. Now you can have instant access to the evidence-based information and evaluation of herbs and nutritional supplements you’ve been waiting for and your patients have been asking for.

Many of your patients are using nutritional supplements and herbs, either on their own initiative or as part of professional care. You can now feel more confident about critical issues of safety, efficacy and clinical management. Combining pharmaceuticals with herbs or nutrients may complement or interfere with a drug's therapeutic action or may increase adverse effects. Drug-induced depletion of essential nutrients can contribute to acute and long-term adverse effects that are preventable with informed clinical management. With InteractionsGuide™ you will be able to engage your patients in active dialogue and inventory their use of herbs and nutrients to assess potential interactions, evaluate therapeutic strategies, ensure safe prescribing, and collaborate on complex cases using this authoritative, scientifically-grounded and clinically-oriented reference tool.

Key Features: 

Key Features

  • Seventy comprehensive monographs of herb-drug and nutrient-drug interactions cover the most commonly used herbs and nutrients in contemporary healthcare practice and help you coordinate safe, reliable therapy.
  • Each herb and nutrient monograph features summary tables and concise, practical suggestions that provide quick and easy reference and complement the systematic review and in-depth analysis.
  • An innovative evaluation system and unique icons differentiate interactions, qualify evidence, and assess clinical significance.
  • A trans-discliplinary approach integrates developments in pharmacology, nutrition, phytotherapy, biochemistry, genomics, oncology, hematology, naturopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, and other fields.
  • A diverse team of experienced clinicians offers valuable insight into collaborative strategies for personalized, multidisciplinary patient care.
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