Finding a Drug-induced Nutrient Depletion

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Finding a Drug-induced Nutrient Depletion

if you want to see the data on which nutrients a specific drug depletes, there are two main approaches one can take: 
 1. under the menu item "DRUGS" you select the particular drug by its generic or trade name (or drug class) and after locating the substance in the list, tip the triangular "twirly" to reveal the nutrients (and herbs) with which that drug may interact.  Note that these are interactions of all types; not just depletions.  Each nutrient (or herb) in the sublist will link to the respective monograph and specific content area.

  2. after selecting the "CASE ANALYSIS" button you will be able to add a drug (by trade or generic name) to the "Case Analysis Tool". Then you can add each specific nutrient that you are investigating for an interaction or a depletion to the analysis. Once you have assembled your list of substances, click "Analyze" to see the "Analysis Results". Each item in the Results will show the character of potential interactions and serve as a link to the respective text in the nutrient (or herb) topic.